Austin Osman Spare by Mykill

Mykill here, I have a selection of labels, graphic artist, cartoonist, chaos magician, Buddhist, Gay, geek.

Mykill is a cartooning alias, the narrative for it: a white sheet of paper promises infinite possibilities – as an artist I KILL EVERY POSSIBILITY! all but ONE.

I’ve been working at Ithaca Bakery as their dishwasher, is a tough job but pays well, better than the few local graphic design gigs, which is how I find myself doing that.

The Chaos Magic and comics and yeah, maybe a book (drawing is terribly labor intensive) – that’s what I have in mind with this site. Likely 2 blogs.

Chaos Magic is almost the closest thing to a post modern occult system, Peter Carrol distilled chaos magic into a formula : BELIEF + DESIRE + Gnosis = RESULT. The only gotcha with that is the specialized definition of ‘gnosis’ – it simply refers to any break in consciousness, as when exhausted, having a sexual orgasm, or a moment of absent mindedness; the key is the usual conscious mind is out to lunch.

Chaos magic in this sense can be a ‘meta-paradigm’, meaning the distinction can be applied to almost any other religious or magical idea.

Chaos Magic is also a paradigm itself, where one pays attention to results, the one part of magic that is concrete and real – two techniques set Chaos magic apart: sigil magic, an Austin Osman Spare technique and from the Tibetan concept of Tulpas, albeit weaponized, chaos magicians work with ‘servitors’ (thought forms empowered in ways, like little Gods).

As for comics, Ithacat is the comic project.

The illustrated Book, will start with the Free and the Brave, essentially a superhero story with public domain characters, Captain Freedom and Captain Battle – I have a fun story in mind – kind of like a Trump Supporting hero and his best pal, who volunteers for Antifa.

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