Welcome to the 'Miscellaneous' page. Here you'll find the Kitschcore Bulletin Board.

To the right is a link to artwork and comics created for small press 'zines or as self indulgeance. It's here cause it's not Sodomight or Psyche Vampyres and is too 'something' and so may be counter productive in the professional portfolio.

Also to the right, I share some drawing tips here, for drawing and working in ink. They've been very useful to fellow cartoonists at drunkduck.com. (Drunkduck.com, by the way, is an excellent online community of webcomic creators that offers free webcomic hosting and the feedback of other creators!)

Future plans are to offer dowloadable images for computer backgrounds and to market my own t-shirts. The Sodomight page may be expanded into gay pride kitch soon too, but this is, after all -kitschcore!

-Michael Cooke