Kitschcore.com is the home to original design, webcomics and art by creator, Michael Robin Cooke.Michael Robin Cooke can be contacted at michaelrcooke@gmail.com

The professional galleries are appropriate for everyone and may feature kid friendly art and concepts.


I'm an adult much of what I create is suitable for adults and not children. For those you that are adults, be aware that there is no hard core pornography to be found here. Adult means over 18, not porn!

All art and writing is (c) 2008, Michael R. Cooke, or the client to which it has been sold. All rights are reserved

more cool stuff

Psyche Vampyres is a brief fable. Be warned, many find this comic messes with their head. That is also, perversely, why I'm proud of it.

Miscellaneous links to a gallery of short comics and illustration, as well as to drawing tips and a php forum.

Michael Robin Cooke -that links to me, my resumé, my professional galleries, my homepage with personal info, perhaps a personal gallery of embarrasing early work.

I'm doing okay. I'm now in Ithaca NY, a refugee from NYC, and survivor of a house fire that destroyed the family farm I had been staying at.

I'm of the working poor now, I have 2 part time jobs and together they are enough to do some stuff i want to do. This site needs a serious reworking. The new comic I'm working on however may not be presented here, we'll see.

Michael Robin Cooke

24 hours at Jim Hanleys Universe and all I got done was the first 10 pages. The other 14 didn't get done until 7 days later. Huge breakthru for me despite the 'failure'.

fine art

Here is a selection of scans from my personal sketchbooks. An eclectic mix demonstrating some gesture drawing and quickie portraits done on the subway , as well as cartooning entirely generated by my imagination..

Flash is used extensively in this site for galleries and the files are optimized for Flash6.0 or better. The flash plugin is freely downloadable for almost all browsers and all operating systems.

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I once was the webmaster and content creator for http:nyctshirtfactory.com. The poor economy hurt the business and I lost the job, as a consequence. The site has been reworked to function without me -or not? the ssl certificate has not been updated and so I'm no longer putting it in an Iframe.

I will be using Zazzle to produce shirts (and more) with my designs on Here's are some designs available from my shop on Zazzle.com, everything is for sale, the transaction is secure and the designs are great!